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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tips and Tricks: Utilizing Google's Features

Google is not just a search engine. There are also other features built into it to answer the most common questions you have. Some of this may be useful to you.

A. Google Calculator:

Do you know that Google can solve mathematical operations as well? Here are examples:

Operation Example

addition 3+44

subtraction 13-5

multiplication 7*8

division 12/3

exponential 8^2

factorial 5!

square root sqrt(9)

sin, cos, etc. trigonometric functions (numbers are assumed to be radians) sin(pi/3)

tan(45 degrees)

logarithm base e ln(17)

logarithm base 10 log(1,000)

B. Unit Conversion:

You can also apply conversion of units in Google. Here are some examples:

1 kilometer in meters
10.5 inches in cm
1 gallon in liters

C. Synonym Search

To search for a word including its synonym, just key in the word preceded with "~" tilde key. Example:


D. Currency Converter
You can also perform currency conversion. Examples:

1 SGD in PHP
1 USD in SGD
1 USD in JPY

If you don't know the currency code, here's a list.

There are many more features available in Google. Refer here.