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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Few easy steps to download streamed content

In order to have a good streaming experience while watching your favorite videos online, you need to have a good internet connection speed but sometimes, streaming can still be frustrating because you need to buffer again if you want to watch the video another time. There is also sometimes a browser or plugin issue that can lead to stutter in the video stream. Well to avoid this kind of problems or if you want to have a copy of the streamed content for yourself then you can always download it. Yes, downloading a stream content can be much faster than waiting for the video to load to 100%. With just a few steps, you can save a copy of your favorite videos online.

First we need to have the pre-requisites or the needed software for you to be able to start downloading. Install the following:
- Mozilla Firefox (Grab it here if you don't have one)
- Free download Manager (Grab it here if you don't have one)

After you installed the required software, we need to install the additional feature we want:
-Install downloadhelper as a Mozilla plugin (Grab it here). It's installation is very straightforward and after restarting firefox your ready to download from streamed content.

And now for the main part which is downloading from streamed videos online:

1. Start free download manager which we previously installed. (We will need it later)
2. Go to a streaming website. We will make youtube as an example. Just pick any videos and click play. Don't wait for it to buffer, just click pause and you should see the downloadhelper icon is animated (it is located just on the left side of the address bar). Downloadhelper can download the videos itself but we will use free download manager to boost the download much faster.
3. You should see a small arrow beside the downloadhelper icon, click on it, you should then see the title of the streamed content. Hover on the title and click copy url.
4. Open free download manager and "add a download". You can do this by clicking on the "plus" icon and just paste the url there. Click ok to start downloading.

This method will work on almost all video hosting providers including youtube, veoh, megavideo, zshare and many more. Supported content are the following - flv,ram,mpg,mpeg,avi,rm,wmv,mov,asf,mp3,rar,movie,divx,rbs,mp4,mpeg4.