Thursday, August 6, 2009

Best softwares for your Mac

There are tons of software you can install in your mac and if your thinking that it won't be as convenient as Windows then you're wrong.

Here are some mac programs you may find useful. Just click on the link for the download page. All of the program provided are opensource and free.

1. Mozilla Firefox for Mac - Don't like Safari? Then download Firefox for mac. It is virtually the same as the one for Windows. Themes and add-ons works as well.

2. Adium - Adium is an IM application for mac. It can be used to login in with different accounts (YM, AOL, MSN and many more). You can even login simultaneously with different accounts.

3. Unarchiver - Having problems on how to open rar archives in your mac? Here's the solution, it can also extract other popular archive formats.

4. Handbrake - Fond of ripping dvd videos? Here's a software you can use for mac.

5. VLC Player - Here's a player that can play almost any video format you can think of.

6. Burn - A good program to burn your files or automatically create video and audio cd.

7. OpenOffice - Want to have MS Office functionality for free? Then here's what your looking for. Compatible with MS office documents.

8. Gimp - If photo editing is your thing then this one is for you. A solid and formidable competitor of Adobe Photoshop.

9. Nvu - Want to design a website? Then here's a free html editor comparable to Dreamweaver.

10. Transmission - An easy to use torrent client for mac.

11. DosBox - Do you want to play those old Dos games in your mac? Then install DosBox and play all you want!

12. Kigo video converter - It is a free video converter for mac that allows one to convert popular video formats from one format to another. It supports flv,mp4,avi,mpg and many more.
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