Wednesday, April 30, 2008

AGP is still alive

AGP is still alive! Thanks to ati/amd new line of agp product: ATI 3850 agp
This new agp based card from ati is aimed to set a new ground on the agp market with nvidia nothing to offer for agp. For some time, it was thought that agp is dead but ati/amd still gives life to this sytem with the release of 2600xt agp. And now another powerful card is set to dominate and probably revive the dying agp breed.

Here are the specs: (May differ depending on manufacturer)

Graphics Processor ATI Radeon HD 3850
Form Factor ATX 231.19 x 111.99 mm
Bus Interface AGP 4X/8X
Memory GDDR3 512MB /256-bit interface
Clock Speed 702MHz core / 846MHz memory
Cooling System Single Slot Active Fan Cooler
Bracket Full Height
Display Support DL DVI-I /TVO / DL DVI-I
HDTV(via cable)
External Power PCIe Graphic External Power(2x4Pin)
Regulatory Standards CE; FCC; UL

Even with this new AGP introduction, one should also consider the cost of buying one and the cost of upgrading the whole system. A rare card like this will not be mass produced and will cost more than its PCI-E counterpart. Nevertheless, this is a powerful card for AGP.

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