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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Vista Pack 2 officially released by Microsoft

There have been speculations that Vista pack 2 will be delayed later in June but here it comes. After its beta release a few months ago, Microsoft finally released the official version. Vista for some is considered as a failure by Microsoft to deliver the performance and stability with previous OS release. It suffered various crashes and errors on many PC that deterred user into upgrading to Vista with most still running the famous Microsoft XP. Hopefully for Microsoft, this service pack will provide an extension to the life of Vista and convince some to upgrade or take a tighter hold of its few supporters.

Here's what service pack 2 can offer based on Microsoft:

•Program compatibility. Microsoft works to ensure that your programs work seamlessly on Windows Vista. We also work with our partners to improve the reliability and compatibility of non-Microsoft programs. So, SP2 includes previously released updates that are available to you when you use Windows Update, and it also includes new compatibility fixes for individual programs.

•Hardware support. Among other improvements, SP2 provides you with additional support for Bluetooth wireless technology and improved performance for Wi-Fi connections after the computer resumes from sleep mode. Additionally, you can now record data to Blu-ray Disc media.

•General operating system updates. SP2 includes Windows Search 4.0, which has improved indexing and searching capabilities. SP2 also includes fixes that can improve recording TV using Windows Media Center.

You should also uninstall any previous beta release of service pack 2 before installing this one. Having service pack 1 is also a requirement. More information can be found on Microsoft. If you want to go directly to the download page, you can click here. The update is approximately 348mb and can also be downloaded automatically via Windows update.