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Friday, June 26, 2009

Need to download in Megaupload?

It is free to download a file from megaupload but it all comes with limitations. One of the most complained about is the country download slot limit. Apparently, there is a limit megaupload imposes on every country on how many can download but offers a solution of installing a megaupload toolbar or registering a paid subscription.

But do we really need to pay or install this toolbar to be able to download numerous files from megaupload? It's a big "NO". There is a way to bypass this limitation and you can only do this by using the world's #1 browser. Yes, we need the firefox magic. We are all aware that apart from being secure and fast, many loves firefox customizable feature and thousands of add-ons we can install. And thankfully there are a number of add-ons that we can add to firefox to do the megaupload bypass.

1. The first one is the Megaupload SX 3.2 add-on. It works perfectly but there is a compatibility issue of the current version. It only works with older version of firefox >3.0. If you are using firefox version 3.0 and above there is no need to revert as we have another option below.

2. We can also use Megaupload Integration. It is still an experimental add-on but worked like a charm with many people and I personally tested this one out using firefox 3.0.11. Some complained that it's not working for them but still worth the try.

Enjoy your limitless download slot limit! Haven't switched to Mozilla yet? Grab firefox browser here.