Sunday, July 5, 2009

DirectX Offline installer

DirectX is an important part of Windows OS. Basically it is responsible for multimedia playback and gaming support on Windows platform. It is also consist of different API's namely Direct3D, DirectDraw, DirectMusic, DirectPlay, DirectSound, and so forth. Keeping DirectX in your computer updated is important for a smooth multimedia or gaming performance. It can be easily downloaded in Microsoft but there is a problem for some. It requires internet connection and there's a need for Windows genuine validation.

The solution? Get an offline installer: DirectX 9.0c

This is a standalone redistributable setup installer directx_jun2008_redist.exe. This is a full installer and you can also use this if you need to reinstall DirectX 9.0c core runtime.

An updated version 9.26.1590 as of March 2009 can be also be downloaded offline. directx_mar2009_redist.exe.

If you have an internet connection and using a genuine Windows then you can just go to Microsoft download center for the latest DirectX update.

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Microsoft struggling to promote IE8

Microsoft is struggling in the browser wars. Waging a losing battle to Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, Microsoft steps up their campaign with a boost in promotion. This campaign boost is even associated by many with the "bing bug" that affected IE6 users and prompts them to upgrade to the new IE8. Microsoft also released their own browser comparison chart that clearly shows that IE8 out-performs Firefox and Chrome. The results in the comparison is good for Microsoft but how credible is it? Many are scratching their heads with this comparison with a negative reaction. Microsoft also launched it's browser for the better program that offers 8 free meals to the charity for every download of IE8. Even though this is a good deed, it also draws some negative reaction with this charity inclined campaign for popularity. They also launched numerous ads but nothing beats this one that drawn so many attention. So much attention that they need to pull it out. This ad is about what will happen if your wife looks at your browsing history. But IE8 will save the day with their "In-Private browsing". Funny.

This extra effort for Microsoft is a confirmation of their struggle in losing grounds with other browsers. The war is still not over though, Microsoft once reigned the browser war and they can still do it-they'll just have to deliver a browser that can satisfy its users. If they can do that again, then there will be no need for desperate campaigns.
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Friday, July 3, 2009

Bing to offer twitter-search

Microsoft Bing which was released as beta on June is now gaining its share on the search engine market. But even though it has gained it's own success many are still doubtful that it would challenge the king of the search engine market which is Google. Microsoft eases some doubts as it beats Google in offering search from famous tweets in twitter. This is a move indicating that they have set their eyes in real-time search as well.

As of now, Bing will only show tweets from famous persons. Given examples are former Vice President Al Gore, Americal Idol host Ryan Seacrest, Danny Sullivan from Searchengineland.com and a technology columnist for Wall Street Journal Kara Swisher. Bing is also adding results from other users in the coming months.

Google will surely take notice of this and there have been rumors that they will offer a new site for microblogging search specifically for twitter. Bing is also not alone in this area, a real-time search engine named Collecta is also specializing in social networking search like twitter.
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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bing hijack fix

Many are still complaining about this "bing bug" and how to fix it. The first way (recommended) is to upgrade your Internet explorer (IE) to a newer version, preferably IE8. Or if your tired of this IE bugs, better try a new browser. I highly recommend Mozilla Firefox because its fast, safe and easily customizable with thousands of useful add-on programs. Another good browser is the Google Chrome, it may be new in the browser arena but it packs a punch and can compete with Firefox except for the add-ons.

If you really love your IE6 then this fix might work for you:

In IE6, go to your menu bar:

->Internet Options ->Security ->Restricted Sites

Add "www.bing.com" and "bing.com" to your list of "Restricted sites".

Another option is to use IE search hook that will enable you to change the search engine of IE6. You can grab the software here. You will also need a Microsoft powertoy called tweakUI to configure your search engine of choice. See post here for the powertoy.
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