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Friday, July 3, 2009

Bing to offer twitter-search

Microsoft Bing which was released as beta on June is now gaining its share on the search engine market. But even though it has gained it's own success many are still doubtful that it would challenge the king of the search engine market which is Google. Microsoft eases some doubts as it beats Google in offering search from famous tweets in twitter. This is a move indicating that they have set their eyes in real-time search as well.

As of now, Bing will only show tweets from famous persons. Given examples are former Vice President Al Gore, Americal Idol host Ryan Seacrest, Danny Sullivan from Searchengineland.com and a technology columnist for Wall Street Journal Kara Swisher. Bing is also adding results from other users in the coming months.

Google will surely take notice of this and there have been rumors that they will offer a new site for microblogging search specifically for twitter. Bing is also not alone in this area, a real-time search engine named Collecta is also specializing in social networking search like twitter.