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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bing hijack fix

Many are still complaining about this "bing bug" and how to fix it. The first way (recommended) is to upgrade your Internet explorer (IE) to a newer version, preferably IE8. Or if your tired of this IE bugs, better try a new browser. I highly recommend Mozilla Firefox because its fast, safe and easily customizable with thousands of useful add-on programs. Another good browser is the Google Chrome, it may be new in the browser arena but it packs a punch and can compete with Firefox except for the add-ons.

If you really love your IE6 then this fix might work for you:

In IE6, go to your menu bar:

->Internet Options ->Security ->Restricted Sites

Add "www.bing.com" and "bing.com" to your list of "Restricted sites".

Another option is to use IE search hook that will enable you to change the search engine of IE6. You can grab the software here. You will also need a Microsoft powertoy called tweakUI to configure your search engine of choice. See post here for the powertoy.