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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Microsoft struggling to promote IE8

Microsoft is struggling in the browser wars. Waging a losing battle to Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, Microsoft steps up their campaign with a boost in promotion. This campaign boost is even associated by many with the "bing bug" that affected IE6 users and prompts them to upgrade to the new IE8. Microsoft also released their own browser comparison chart that clearly shows that IE8 out-performs Firefox and Chrome. The results in the comparison is good for Microsoft but how credible is it? Many are scratching their heads with this comparison with a negative reaction. Microsoft also launched it's browser for the better program that offers 8 free meals to the charity for every download of IE8. Even though this is a good deed, it also draws some negative reaction with this charity inclined campaign for popularity. They also launched numerous ads but nothing beats this one that drawn so many attention. So much attention that they need to pull it out. This ad is about what will happen if your wife looks at your browsing history. But IE8 will save the day with their "In-Private browsing". Funny.

This extra effort for Microsoft is a confirmation of their struggle in losing grounds with other browsers. The war is still not over though, Microsoft once reigned the browser war and they can still do it-they'll just have to deliver a browser that can satisfy its users. If they can do that again, then there will be no need for desperate campaigns.