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Monday, June 8, 2009

Mozilla to come with a new twist

Mozilla Firefox is targeting to add more users in their 300 million strong with their customized browsers. This new feature will target the enterprise sector that will enable companies to customize their own mozilla firefox browsers with their own preferences.

Mike Beltzner, Director of Mozilla Corp said that this new customization program will be launched soon after the release of Mozilla Firefox 3.5 in late June. This new "Build your own browser program" is good to fit enterprises that wants to customize their company broswer and install it in mulitple corporate desktops. An example customization is the bookmarks which will enable companies to place their own pre-defined bookmarks of their websites or company portals. "Personas for firefox" which is available to firefox users for some time will also be integrated with this customization program that will enable companies to brand their browsers with their own design or logo. After the company has built their own browsers, it will then be sent to Mozilla that will generate the installer for them making it possible for multiple desktop installations. 

This move from Firefox is aiming to get a greater share in the enterprise market which is currently in the hands of Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE). This will make Firefox compete with IE in this sector and in the long run, companies might switch to Firefox as the default browser. A beta version for the new Firefox 3.5 is also available for download here