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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Microsoft patches vital security flaws

Attackers particularly attack Microsoft OS and its applications due to its popularity and security holes. But Microsoft is fighting back, Microsoft states that installing updates are important and will keep you from being hacked and infected with malwares. In line with this, Microsoft has announced that it will be releasing a mega update of 10 software patches this coming week and the updates would patch security holes in Windows and Microsoft applications namely Internet Explorer, Office, MS Word and MS Excel.

MS Office application has been targeted for attacks since April and since then, only one update has been offered by Microsoft for powerpoint. This update will also contain critical updates for Internet Explorer (IE) and is applicable to all supported Windows OS. It is stated that this update is very important especially in Windows Vista IE7 and IE8. An update for powerpoint in Mac is also underway to be released this coming week.

This update is important as it will reduce the ways hacker can attack but does not mean it will all be safe. One security expert in SANS ISC said that this update lacks a critical patch in Windows DirectX. Claiming that the bug in DirectX should be fixed soon as it can be used by hackers to gain entry and control of the system. The stated date for the release of the patch is on June 9. Windows and Mac (for powerpoint patch) users are adviced to install the update as soon as it is available.

As more softwares are developed, security flaws will also rise. Patching critical holes is an ongoing battle for Microsoft and hackers a like. It is a battle of who is going to find the flaws first and exploit it.