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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Twitter scam: "Tvvitter"

Twitter community is growing at a fast rate and with so many users, it also attracted the attention of spammers wanting to cash in with so many fish in the pool. The latest scam is on tvvitter. It is a phishing site targeting to fool twitter users. It has a fake copy page of twitter and the name "tvvitter" is designed so as a quick glance will make it look like twitter. It is designed to harvest credentials when a user logs in. It will then add a number of new followers in their account and when clicked redirects them to an adult dating site. According to trend micro, it is even dangerous just to visit the site for their might be more malicious threats in the bogus website. They also gain money through pay-per-click when a user is redirected to the dating site.

There are already so many threats in the web from viruses,spywares,adwares,scarewares to spammers. Who would have thought just going to twitter has its risk? This just suggest there is no safe zone in the world wide web and everyone should be extra careful.