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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Here it comes: Google Chrome 2!

Chrome is a browser developed by Google and was based on Webkit layout engines. The first version or chrome 1 was first released in beta version on September 2008 and it was soon followed by a stable release. And now, here comes the second version, chrome 2. If you have used or is using the chrome browser, you may notice that chrome 2's interface is not so much different than chrome 1. So what is the main improvement in this second version? It is speed. It is claimed that the new engine of the chrome 2 which is a revised and refined Vb8 javascript gave it a performance boost of 30-35%. According to a pcmag review, chrome 2 scored 44% faster than the previous version in a sunspider javascript benchmark but also suffered in site-compatibility. On the recent Acid3 test that was conducted on May 21 2009, Chrome 2 scored 100/100, the first official release browser to have that score. But failed on "LINKTEST". Firefox 3.1 beta and opera also done well. (Acid3 is a test from web standards project that checks how well a broswer performs in certain web standards. Acid3 focuses in document object model and javascript)

Chrome 2 has also additional features to add. This includes autofill, autscroll and a function to drag windows side by side. It also offers another way to customize the chrome's startup page. The autofill and autoscroll function however is already implemented in other browsers for some time.

Chrome (stable version) can be freely downloaded here. And chrome 2 beta can be downloaded at this link.