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Friday, June 19, 2009

Collecta: A search engine for social networkers

It's not just Microsoft and Google that's waving the search engine wars. Another specialized search engine is also trying to make a ground in this market. Collecta is a "real-time" search engine that scans through the web and specializes in searching through micro-blogging sites, news stories, blogs, flickr, youtube and other social sites.

The users interface of Collecta is also very user friendly and straightforward. You can also search various queries at the same time. The page is separated into three columns with the result showing up on the middle and the content of the selected item is on the right side.

The results are real-time and you also have the option to pause it. This six month old search engine is gaining popularity in this field but it will only fit to those searching within the social network eg tweets or blog post. Searching general information is still dominated by the old leader in search engine which is Google.