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Monday, June 15, 2009

Microsoft uses charity to boost IE downloads

Microsft has once reigned in the browser competition with 90% of the share until other browsers like Mozilla came along. Since then competition is much tighter and IE is on continuous decline having only 65.5% of its once 90% share. Clearly Microsoft will need to do something to recover from the fall. 

As a method to boost IE downloads and users, Microsoft launched "broswer for the better" website. This is a special website for downloading Internet Explorer 8 (IE version 8) for charity purposes. The site says that "for every download of Windows Internet Explorer 8, Microsoft will donate 8 meals to feeding america to help accelerate an end to hunger." The download is also free.

This move by Microsoft is aiming to boost awareness of their new IE browser. With the stripping of IE in Windows 7 in Europe, Microsoft is trying to make up for it by boosting IE users in America. To draw attention to the food donation program, Microsoft also staged events in San Francisco and New York.